Blue Badge Guide Caroline Dale

reaLondon: Seeing and Experiencing the Best of London 

Your personalised theme day in London

 London is awash with contrasts. Its pubs and churches, its ancient traditions and institutions re-invent and accommodate themselves in our evolving capital – while never losing their world-renowned cultural wealth.

 Name that London writer, architect, artist, singer, poet, actor or whoever and if London was ever home to them, it makes sure their history is remembered too.

 The Westminster sights of royalty and splendour never fail to impress but what is not to like in London’s east-side City with its Roman roots exposed? Or south of the River Thames in the historical home of longitude and meridians at Greenwich or the birthplace of golf at Blackheath?

There is no better way of exploring the splendours the capital offers than roaming on foot. Pull on a pair of comfy walking shoes and wander the streets at your pace to discover London’s hidden jewels with a realondon Blue Badge Guide who will gently lead and interpret.

Walking not your thing? We can head straight to where you want to go by taxi, bus, underground or chauffeur driven limo.

Can you imagine escaping down a Mid-Town side street and see how the crowds disintegrate in magical Bloomsbury? Stumble upon one of London’s many hidden elegant18th century residential squares just a few yards from the British Museum. Original wrought iron railings, trees and gas lamps evoke the hundreds of famous feet that have walked these same pavements over the last 250 years.

London’s thriving Tech City with its edgy street art, sculptures and flea markets belie the ancient origins of cockney East London that today sit cheek by jowl today with  stunning 21st century architecture making up the world’s largest international financial trading hub.

A reliable guiding hand with a sensitive touch is all that’s needed to discover the realondon you want to see.




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