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reaLondon: It's Christmas Hols Again!!!

Free up the day in London to be with a Blue Badge Guide. We come in all shapes and sizes but reaLondon is the real deal. 



London’s department stores are fizzing with festivity with windows alone well worthy of a gander if you happen to be passing by...(and can't face the rush inside)

Selfridges takes us on a journey through the galaxy and to stars, whilst Peter Pumpernickel, of Harrods fame, leads us through a traditional Christmas fairy-tale one window at a time. Liberty’s, Harvey Nics and Hamley’s are star-sparkly.

Much of the rest of London twinkles too. Norway, where we know Santa’s reindeer come from, has bestowed upon us yet another large Christmas tree in Traflagar Square. This has been a gift from the Norwegians every year since 1947 to remind us of our mutual friendship. Its landmark grandness this year is no exception.

Covent Garden’s 22ft silver reindeer is a strong contender for best London décor.

Meet up with Father Christmas? Only if you've been good and your Mum has had the foresight to book up the best dates in August! He flits from store to store in sky sledge with reindeer between Westfield East and Westfield West. (Make sure you are not standing underneath as they zoom by.)


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