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London’s frenetic energy is intrinsically linked to its embrace of change and its stark refusal to stagnate; the rotation of the market stalls and pop-up bars and the ever-evolving cafes and shops have always drawn people who thrive on an electric kind of unpredictability. In recent years, investors have sought to monetise this quality, stacks of scaffolding sculpting the skyline into something less democratic, and pushing the people whose eccentricities give the city her charm to its fringes. Dalston is emblematic of this transience. As a long-standing East End institution, this pocket of Hackney has been home to Jewish, Caribbean, Turkish, Vietnamese and Polish communities, and more recently endured a moment as the epicentre of cool, until developers moved in and began to push people out.

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The book is  Dalston in the 80s by Andrew Holligan will be published on March 9, 2017 by Hoxton Mini Press.



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