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reaLondon: The Heathy Option!

Take your own experienced Blue Badge Guide to give you a personalised London experience. A Blue Badge Guide understands the day is YOURS and YOU decide. 

From the ancient Tower of London to the capital's newest skyscrapers, from glamorous Harrods to the edgiest street markets of the East End let reaLondon show you just why this city is the most visited urban destination in Europe.

It's not just our fabulous array of galleries, museums, churches, restaurants and parks: this City is the best at offering unique experiences high up, low down, on water, in the streets, inside and outdoors all year round. Click on "tours" above for a sample. Or bring your own ideas.



OCTOBER: Thought of the Month

Where are Londoners  laid to rest? Check out the news page on reaLondon this month 



















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