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The London Blue Badge Tour Guide

You may have visited London before... maybe more than once.
But do you ever imagine another London - the reaLondon most visitors never see?

We may have learned the long, impressive history of English Kings and Queens but The Tower of London or Buckingham Palace will not tell the real story today. Harrods, Kensington Gardens and Piccadilly attract millions every year but they can never reveal the reaLondon, past or present.

Do you know:
• Where to find the new Olympic Park and Stadium for the 2012 Games?
• Where Peter Pan found his lost boys?
• Where the last lighthouse still stands by the River Thames?
• Where celebrities and royals hang out at night?
• Where London’s tastiest smoked salmon is served?
• Where Londoners favourite markets, shops, streets and galleries can be found?

Experience the real London, told by professional London Blue Badge Guides.


  • Location based multimedia content

    Audio-visual content is played automatically, triggered by your location.

  • Download Centre & Offline Mode

    Preload tour content when you have a fast internet connection (3G or WiFi), to run the tours offline. This is especially useful for if there isn't a fast data connection available, such as 3G or WiFi, or if you want to avoid expensive roaming charges.

  • Cache

    All tour content played online, or preloaded, is cached for faster file access and is available offline.

  • Sharing

    Share your experiences with your friends, straight from the App, using your Facebook and Twitter account.

  • More tours to come

    ReaLondon is working on new tours, which will automatically be added to the list of available tours, once published.

  • Background Mode (only for devices that support multi-tasking)

    This application is able to trigger stops and play content while in the background.
    Please be aware: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


The tour list

To start your tour, simply click on the item in the list. This will bring you to the tour screen.

If you would like to see more details about the tour, click on the blue ‘Details’ icon.


In the tour

The ‘Tour Map’ displays a map with zoom-option, that shows all the stops available.

Click the ‘Locate’ button next to the zoom buttons on the top, to locate yourself. Please note: Your own location will only be visible when you are located inside the map area and whilst GPS is turned on.

Start your walk, following the path on the map. You will automatically be notified when you enter a stop. You can then choose to play the stop content, or view the stop information.

Hint: You can opt to play all the content automatically by switching the ‘Autoplay’ setting to ON in Settings.

You can play the content of each stop manually, by clicking on the relevant stop icon on the map or by switching to the ‘Stop List’, which displays all the stops in a searchable list.

Hint: To safe battery life, put your iPhone / iPod Touch in your pocket in between stops, when you are not playing any stop content. The screen will automatically switch off, whilst keeping the application running.


Tour details

This screen shows more detailed information about a tour.

You can start the tour, or preload the tour content.

Clicking on the ‘Location’ tab, will show you the tour on Google Maps.

Download Centre (Preload Tour Content)

You can preload tour contents when you have a fast internet connection (e.g. 3G or Wi-Fi) and then play them back later, even if you are not online. This is especially useful for areas with insufficient 3G coverage or if you want to avoid data roaming charges when abroad.

Click ‘Start Download’ to preload the content into the cache.

A tour that has all its contents preloaded is marked as ‘preloaded’ in the tour list. This enables you to walk the full tour offline, without the need of an internet connection.




The content of a stop is played automatically when triggered by your location.


Switch GPS off if you want to safe battery life when browsing the tours off-site.


Plays a notification sound when a stop is triggered (only when ‘Autoplay’ is set to OFF).


The iPhone vibrates when a stop is triggered (only when ‘Autoplay’ is set to OFF).

Offline Mode

Disables the application to access content online. Only the tour contents already downloaded to the cache can be played.


All tour content played online, or preloaded, is cached for faster file access, and is available offline. You can clear the cache, which will delete ALL tour content from your iPhone / iPod touch.


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